The Odegard's invited us to Fripp Island, SC for the weekend of Matt's birthday. Katie's family has an amazing home there, and we were SO excited to enjoy a weekend with them and the Striblings as well. SO much fun was had by everyone and we loved being there with our wonderful friends!

Early Friday morning, the first day we woke up at Fripp - she was SO excited!

waking up and hanging with Max on the front porch, total bliss for libby


So good, grilled shrimp, chicken, pasta salad, salad....yummmmy.

Lib & Max colored while the adults ate, it was so nice! And Luke & Margaret were already asleep. Such a fun birthday dinner for Matt!

Seriously the best cake ever. It was Publix, of course....cookies and cream ice cream cake. Wow.

Getting ready to hit the beach!

Margaret already asleep for the cake and ice cream portion of the night. And nope, nothing is wrong with Libby's nose. She just loves bandaids. It's a mild obsession!

Matt stretching for his run. oh, hello, deer.....the deer were everywhere. very friendly and we fed them all day!

Lib nervous at first, but after awhile they were like little puppies to her!

they got SO dirty! love it.

precious baby girl!

lib was over taking pics, hahaha! love my family!

max and libby solving the world's problems....

walking with my angel bear

baby girls first of MANY times at the beach!! so sweet!

little diva, we are in for it!! love my precious libby so much!

digging a hole in the sand. she had so much fun.

baby girl got so tired!

lib running on the beach, 9.25.10.

matt & damon

katie and i with our babies. luke and margaret!!! first time dipping their tiny toes in the ocean together. love it!

taking a break under the tent. love lib and max drinking their water with apple juice! rehydrating for more fun in the sun!

baby margaret in the ocean, 9.25.10.

max and libby had the BEST time playing together. good thing they get along so well!!! love these monkeys.

damon, luke, matt, margaret, tee and burns stribling. watching the dawgs play saturday night!

She is the happiest baby EVER!!! this was on the drive home sunday!

Dinner time!

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