today was a fun day - a day full of libby and margaret and mama. :)

i am so thankful that i get to spend my days with my baby girls. it's so wonderful and i'm so happy because i'll never get these precious years back and i love making such wonderful memories with them!

several good moments today:

margaret LAUGHING so loudly at libby while she was jumping in her crib. it was the best sound. it even made libby crack up to hear mags laughing so hard at her!! hilarious.

going to the park and spending some time with my friends and their children, just a few of us on the blankets letting the sweet five months old interact and the bigger babies run around. :)

margaret sees libby and smiles this huge smile and grabs for her. she is in love with her. i mean, i know that they're going to be best friends someday. love it. lately libby has been taking care of margaret and paying a little more attention to her. partly because margaret is starting to do more and she's almost sitting up by herself....more on what mags is up to on tomorrow's blog post, since it'll be her five month birthday!

all in all, a wonderful day.

AuthorMatthew Certain