you all know i am going to say this, but the past five months have gone by at lightening speed. i feel like it was just yesterday that i was talking (crying) talking to jessica, melissa, and helen (my three sisters) about going to the hospital and totally extremely nervous/scared and so excited.  and here we are, five months later, with a big five month old and a very well adjusted and amazing 27 month old on our hands.  

margaret has the absolute sweetest deposition.  she is the perfect addition to our family. if she's napping and her big sister wakes her up by yelling (happens ALOT) she wakes up and smiles.  if she is coughing or spitting up, she's smiling while she's doing it.  if she is hungry or tired, she cries but she smiles and sort of quivers her chin, but doesn't cry for long.  i mean, she is a perfect baby.  she goes to bed by 8 pm every night, and she is still waking up a little at night and we just nurse, rock, and she's right back to sleep.  she is currently in the swing as i type this, and libby is in her big girl bed, and i am just staring at her in amazement.  :) i love, love, love, love her. SO very much.  i don't know how it's possible to love two little creatures as much as i love my two babies, but your heart really does open up and just LOVE.  imagine God's love for all of us!  He loves all of his children with the same love i have for my two - how incredible is that!  

for margaret's five month birthday we didn't do very much.  she napped on me all day while libby was at school, and I LOVE days like that.  she just gets so cozy and comfy and i don't even move which makes her sleep so well!  after school, we picked libby up, and headed to the park to meet some of libby's friends.  mags was happy to be outside and played on a blanket while lib ran around for a few hours.  

margaret is rolling over, front to back, back to front, and very fast i might add.  she's making the motions of wanting to crawl, too, and this mommy isn't ready for that yet.  not at all!  but with libby running around, mags is bound to do things pretty quickly i imagine.  she still loves her ellie toy, just like libby did, margaret just loves to have her hands on things.  lately she's been putting everything in her mouth, and staring at her hands.  she puts her feet in her mouth and eats her toes.  we sing mary had a little lamb, Jesus loves me, itsy bitsy spider, and all sorts of songs.  she loves to sing, she loves to laugh....she makes so many noises when she sleeps too, she's our little bear.  she is teething and we can feel one coming in on the bottom.  poor baby i hope it doesn't hurt too much!

when i reflect on the past five months, it's crazy to think about how hard it is at first.  mixed with a little post partum blues, plus c-section pains and limitations as to what i could lift and how limited i was at moving/driving/walking, i look back and realize it was tough for a few months.  all night feedings, mommy couldn't drive or pick up sweet big sister, couldn't walk to the park, i look back and realize in hindsight, that that was such a fleeting moment in time.  and as hard as it was, i enjoyed every minute of it.  all the tears and sleepless nights - i wouldn't trade it for anything.  i am blessed to be a mom to my baby girls, and in five short months i feel that we are a family of four that God put me on this earth to love, nurture, and teach my baby girls all about love, and all about HIS love for us.  

happy five month birthday my sweet precious, perfect margaret virginia!  i love you and i thank you for all that you have done for our family in this short amount of time.  it is an honor to be mom to you and libby!!!!  

AuthorMatthew Certain