Today was a great day....a really good, happy and simple day!

I took Margaret to the doctor for her four month appointment. She is doing SO GREAT. 16.4 pounds and almost 26 inches. She's in the 95% for both height and weight, amazing!! I am so thankful to God for her health. The fact that I have two healthy daughters is a gift from God and I pray everyday that I will be the Godly mom that they deserve.

Ok, for the Best Part of my Day:

Libby-she put her shoes on the RIGHT feet before going to the park. She buckled herself up in her stroller. She was singing "I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee" before bed tonight, a song we have never sung together, and she sang the whole song as I had tears in my eyes because I couldn't believe it!
She is growing so much and so fast. She's a little girl now, and if I call her my baby, she says "I'm not a baby mama, I'm a big girl named Libby" - sigh, she's truly a big girl now. Love my angel bear.

Margaret - ahh, little baby Mags. At the doctor she was so brave! Besides getting a wonderful report, she was very tough and barely cried when she got her shots. Just looked at me and kind of had a look of "mom, is this ok?" in her little eyes.....then later we went to the park with Libs and she just slept in the baby bjorn while we played. She is the SWEETEST baby ever created! Laughing and smiling all the time, playing with her toes, trying to sit up by herself, rolling all over the place, just becoming a big baby girl before my eyes. I love her so much.

Both of my girls made my day today. Thank you, Lord. Your blessings never cease to amaze me.

AuthorMatthew Certain