What an amazing Christmas it has been.......we have had the very best Christmas day.  We started the day relatively early (but not as early as I anticipate future years when both girls are squealing running down the hall!) and it took Libby about eight minutes to open 250 presents.....she was all over the place!  Santa Claus brought her some wonderful gifts, baby dolls, strollers, a grocery cart, books, Tag Junior, clothes, shoes, and much more.  Margaret was excited to open gifts and play with the boxes and tape and paper, and what was inside was not the important thing for her this year!  She got a baby doll, some sweet animal toys, blocks and some books.  The den was full of little girls and little girl things! We were loving it!

We laid around, ate the traditional breakfast casserole, watched some tv, played with toys, napped, and looked outside and it was snowing.  Snow on Christmas hasn't happened in Atlanta since 1882 I think?  It was soooo beautiful and made an already special day even more special.  Thank you Lord for the gift of your Son, and may we always remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

AuthorMatthew Certain