thanksgiving was a great day for us in atlanta! we got up super early (well, mags and i are always up around 5 AM) but matt was up way early to hop on marta for the ING half marathon. libby was running in the drumstick dash at 9.30 AM so we headed downtown to turner stadium around 8 AM to make sure we saw him finish. and did we ever! matt amazes me with his ability to finish these runs in record time. he always beats his goal and i am really proud of him everytime he crosses a finish line. i cried yet again at this run. WHY DO MARATHONS MAKE ME CRY?? i mean, seriously?!? every single time i go to one, i cry. i think it's because these people train so hard and consistently and i just have so much respect for them all.....regardless, i cry. i am so not a runner, don't want to be, never will be, but i do have respect for all those who do it! give me a yoga mat and a nice dvd to do my pilates alongside in my den any day! :)

here are some pix from the race and thanksgiving. happy turkey day to everyone. love to our friends and family!

AuthorMatthew Certain