we had margaret's six month check up and she got a great report! she weighs 18.5 pounds and is 27.5 inches long. all 95% for her size...she's gonna be tall like her daddy!

libby was really sweet to her, even held her hand while she got her shots. after the doctor we met libby and margaret's buddies fulton and campbell at michaels craft store, then lunch at chic fil a. today was the first day that libby made it all the way to the top of the chic fil a playground, a big accomplishment to our little princess, since it's a hard one to climb. also today was the first time someone asked when her birthday was, and she responded, "my birthday is july seventh" - of course making this mama cry.

big things for margaret at six months...let's see.....she is sitting up, and SCOOTING ACROSS THE FLOOR! she is crawling when she's ready to get something in a hurry. i cannot believe it. we got some video of her doing it and it's happening way faster than i thought. (enter happy/sad face here!). she laughs SO loud at libby, and she totally knows what is funny...if that makes any sense. she laughs at all the right times, thus making us all laugh. hahaha. :) such a fun baby girl. she is awesome. they both are. thankful, thankful, thankful.

margaret is eating great (still nursing exclusively) and she loves peas, butternut squash, carrots, and squash. she sort of likes bananas, and not quite a fan of applesauce yet. soon i'll be mixing things together to give her lots of new tastes for her to try!

other milestones...she can now have ibuprofen, yay, which means i can too if i need any for a headache or something. six months is a big deal for a baby - so we are happy that she is growing healthy and happy. oh boy, is she happy. soooo sweet.

our daughters are showing signs of being besties, libby totally looks out for margaret and i am so proud to see her taking care of her. we are working on sharing our toys with little m though, sometimes that's hard for little libbers but she'll get it. :)

love them both more than words.

AuthorMatthew Certain