Today, so far, has been watching Libby and Margaret interact!  It's HILARIOUS!  When I say interact, what I really mean is.....Libby is playing with her dolls and her toys and Margaret crawls to her and Libby says, "no, go away Sissy" and then Libby will go to her room and shut the door, then immediately come out with more toys and dolls for Mags to play with.    She ends up sharing but it definitely takes a few minutes.

This morning Libby helped me water the Christmas tree.  She is SO excited about Christmas.  SO excited.  I am so happy this Christmas season, she really is getting it!  Birch brings her gifts and she knows Santa is watching.  Oh, the joys of the season!

I am working on teaching them both early the true meaning of Christmas, so Matt and I are "adopting" a family and we're buying gifts for the needy, which is a great lesson to teach our two daughters!

Love love love to all of you!  I am working on posting more pix from the weekend, we were really busy and Libby's BFF came over Friday night for a pizza date and gingerbread cookie decorating.  LOVED it.

Mags is a busy bee too - watching and learning from big sister.  She loves to crawl, I am shocked because I wasn't prepared for her to do it this soon!  Seven months in a few weeks.  WOW!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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