tomorrow libby will be 29 months old.  that is very close to being a three year old.  Three years old, really??  What? how? when did she grow so much?  where have i been?? i feel like it has happened in the blink of an eye.  and it has.  my libby is growing so much into such a big girl - she is tall and her hair is SO long, when it's wet it's down her back, but the curls are still there in full force!!   some of her favorite things to do are paint, color, read pinkalicious and other silly girl books.  she loves playing with her dolls.  loves strollers, loves them.  loves purses.  loves make up, loves it when we paint each other's nails.  loves to have tea parties, we have ten every day i think.  she plays in the bathroom and puts water in her cups a lot.  she is starting to have conversations with me that sound like two adults talking.....she is very aware of things as she always has been.  it's just crazy to see it happening so quickly.  is it weird to be so sad about it?  don't get me wrong, i love having a healthy, thriving, amazingly brilliant two year old, but i wonder if everyone feels so nostalgic?  my mom and dad always tell me that when they look at her they see me as if it were yesterday....i wonder if that really is how our parents if it were yesterday that we were their babies? 

and we love watching lib become such a great big sister to margaret. the little monkey had us for two years all to herself, and then bam, here comes another baby. she has done really well even though yes, there have been rough moments. but for the most part her sweet spirit and sensitive little self has grown up by leaps and bounds and really does love mags. tonight i gave them baths together and libby helped me wash her hair....ahh i could go on and on. :)

libby's favorite things to watch are word world, little einsteins, mickey mouse clubhouse, and dora.  

her favorite foods are grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs that her daddy makes especially for her, skittles (pee pee/poo poo in the potty treats), m&ms (another treat), and recently she is loving bagels.  i'm doing the deceptively delicious recipes for her, so everything i cook for her has hidden veggies in them, so far, so good.  tonight i made sloppy joes (turkey meat, butternut squash, and carrots pureed in them) and she loved them, all on a wheat bun.  if she could, though, she'd eat grilled cheese sandwiches while watching one of the above tv shows.  oh, last night we watched toy story three, SO GOOD!  she and i laid on the couch together after sissy and matt went to bed.  love my big girl nights with libby.  she has such a huge, special place in my heart and i love her more than i can ever, ever express.  

"i am so happy i'm terrified.  no one ever gets everything they want" - charlotte york, sex and the city movie

AuthorMatthew Certain