Is January really over?  When did it start? I can't believe how fast time is flying by.  That must be my mantra as I say it every single day - but wow!  When I was younger I never realized how quickly life goes by.  Here we are in the second month of the year already, and I can't believe it.  The past few weeks have been hectic and very hard.  We have been making some changes in Libby's daycare options and for the time being, we're set.  We are in a very temporary situation until May when her sister arrives, and my heartstrings have been torn at, ripped at, and broken at times, too.  But, as usual, God is absolutely giving me strength to make decisions with my sweet husband and pray, pray, pray. That is all one can do.  Our situation has really allowed Matt and I to grow as parents and as a couple.  Daycares in Atlanta are HARD to come by because of the wait list - as are good, reliable nannies.  Nothing beats a mom being able to stay at home but until that day comes for our family, we're doing the very best we can for our Libby.  We are on wait lists for some amazing places that I am actually very excited about!   Here's hoping the next few months fly by quickly, and without incident.

This is a picture of Libby and I at the mall the other day.  We had just had a root beer float.  She ate most of it, and when I tried to get some, it was "Nooo mama it's miiiiiiiiiiine!"  Scary.

Here we are heading to the park - the temps reached 48 and you would have thought it was 90 degrees outside based on the crowd outside.  We are all so ready for warmer weather it's not even funny!  Bring it on!

Baby Girl #2 is going to be a mover and shaker just like her big sis!  She's all over the place these days, I am once again housing a human jungle gym.  We haven't decided on a name, we're going to just wait until her birthday.  However, Libby is calling her "Sissy" - and that is with the most adorable little lisp.  Matt and I are toast with two adorable daughters.  We've completely replaced ourselves, and that is just the way we like it.  Thank you Lord, for continuing to watch over us and I thank you today for good FRIENDS.  I have really been able to lean on a few wonderful friends up here and today, I simply feel very blessed.

AuthorMatthew Certain