I am 32 weeks pregnant with baby girl number 2 - is that not just crazy!?  We cannot believe she'll be here so soon.
 I had an appointment this morning and they checked her out via ultrasound, she is already almost five pounds which put her above average for the weight!  She may be a big baby on May 21.  Also, something I loved hearing, was they told me that her stomach/diaphragm was allowing her to "breathe" well, which showed no signs of distress in the womb and that she is a relaxed baby in there.  I love knowing that.  But, she needs a name.  I find it really funny that I am carrying soooo much different with her than with Libby.  Like, 100% not the same.  I'm all belly with the darling now, and with my Peaches I was ALL over, and by all over I mean, way big.  It proves to me that you can't go by what the Old Wives tales are!! I am just still in shock and feel so happy to know that Libby will have a SISTER.  I am obsessed with my two sisters even though they drive me nuts most of the time!  I don't know what I'd do without the two of them, so I love knowing Libby and baby girl will have each other.  God really gives us what we need/want.  I'm so nervous but really excited about our family growing to FOUR!  Just seven weeks to go!  Insanity that it's almost here.  I'll be posting pics of their rooms soon. Two of my good friends are doing the artwork for each room and I am so honored and excited to see their art in our home!

Seven weeks and counting - thank you Lord for a healthy bundle.  Libby is going to be such an amazing helper and big sister.  I am blessed blessed blessed. I am reminded of that everyday! 

AuthorMatthew Certain