So we woke up on March 21 to a cold, rainy and yucky day in Atlanta. Daddy had already left the house to get on Marta so he could be at Centennial Park for his start time. I had to wake Peaches up out of her warm bed so we could be at the Decatur square early enough to watch Matt run by! Once I woke her up and she realized what we were doing, she was beside herself.
Libby - "Daddy run?"
Amy - "Yes baby Daddy is running this morning"
Libby - (making the run motion with her hands and arms) "See Daddy run?"

You get the picture...she was SO excited about going to cheer Matt on for the ING Marathon. She has seen him run just one before, and I guess she honestly did remember that! It was SO cute. She was so excited, so we hopped in the car and headed to the square, about a two second drive. Went and parked and walked to Starbucks, she got her croissant and her chocolate soy milk and we stood outside in the rain and cold to see Matt run by! It was so much fun, watching her cheer and yell for Matt made me cry, then when he ran by, he hugged us and kissed Libby, which made me cry even harder (30 weeks prego at a Marathon was insanely emotional for me!!!) and then when he started running again she practically chased him, she didn't understand where he was going and all she got was a peck on the cheek from her favorite person (besides me) in the world. :) Matt did an amazing job finishing at 3 hours 39 minutes. We were SO proud! We spent the rest of the day at home warm and playing. He's signing up for the Disney Marathon in January 2011 and I'm already counting the days til we get there! Libby and her sister will be at Disney loving it just like I do!

Go Matt!

AuthorMatthew Certain