This was the weekend of March 6 for Helen's baby shower! We had a great weekend surrounded by loving family and friends. Melissa, my youngest sister, is in the first pic. She is actually having her little boy IN TWO DAYS!! We are SOO excited!
Helen, in the next pictures, is having her baby sometime around April 18! Another BOY!! What blessings and we are all so thankful that these cousins will all be the same age, in the same grade for school, and we are looking forward to a lifetime of memories to be made. I am in constant prayer for Sissy & Helen! April is going to make me burst with excitement at these two little nephews for me and two new cousins for Libby!!! AHHH!!
Libby loves her Granddad Certain, too, as well as Miss Vicki! They make her laugh because they play so sweetly with her. Love you all!!!!

AuthorMatthew Certain