We are so happy Spring is finally here!  With Spring comes pollen and we have definitely felt the pollen.  Our allergies have all acted up but that has not stopped us from being outside nonstop, something Miss Libby LOVES!  She could live outdoors and we basically do.  These were taken outside while the Masters played inside on the tv - Sunday Masters, one of Matt's favorite days of the  year!

If we ask Libby where her baby sister is (sissy) she lifts up her shirt and points to her belly. 

We saw this house and had to get it for Libby.  She LOVES it so much!  Matt put it together in a few days, we had to dig a hole, add rocks, sand, and woodchips.  The house is adorable and we're eating outside and just enjoying being outdoors!

I am 35 weeks pregnant. HOW did that happen??  Feeling really good - just getting crowded inside now.  I don't remember feeling this tired with Libby, but then again, when I was pregnant with Libby I could just go home and eat m&ms and lay on the couch watching SATC reruns, and now after work I'm playing with Libs.  Not complaining at all, but I can honestly say we do not sit down until she goes to bed after 8 PM! She is a busy busy bee, and she makes us laugh. 

Only four more weeks of our family of three.  Blessings abound.

AuthorMatthew Certain