We had a great Easter this year, hope everyone else did too.  Libby and I had gotten in from SSI Saturday night, after 10 PM since we had gone home to spend some awesome time with the family and celebrating Baby Jackson's birthday weekend. So much fun!

On Easter Sunday Libby and I slept in until 9 AM and had to rush to get to church.  It was a really neat outdoor service that was held on the lawn, with a brunch, singing and crafts for the children.  Very different and we enjoyed it as we were able to sing and play too! 

Then we headed home for our Easter lunch that Matt made, and it was just delicious!  While he was cooking Libby and I went to the park for a little while - it was SO hot outside.   Libby loves the park, and she loves swinging on her belly now.  It's adorable. I had to put her dress up with my rubber band. :)

We had a great day, took a very long nap and then walked to the park late afternoon for a little while, then home for leftovers.  All in all, a wonderful day with the three (almost four) of us.  Love you all!

AuthorMatthew Certain