Our precious second daughter is here.  Thank you, Lord!

As I sit here, finally with a few minutes to update our family blog, it's 10.41 PM on Saturday night, June 12th.  Tomorrow our newest angel is going to be one month old.  A fact I can hardly believe.  Why, oh, why, does the time have to go by so very quickly in the eyes and mind of a mother?  

Already Margaret has captured our hearts in a way that I honestly did not think possible.  It is as if she has always been a part of us, just as it feels we were never alive before Libby came and made us both better people.

The past month has been one of many changes and adjustments.   It has been challenging and rewarding, scary and fulfilling and I am cherishing, savoring and enjoying each step of the remarkable journey.

So a quick recap since I have been so terrible at updating our blog:

I was scheduled to have my c-section on Friday May 21.  However, our dear daughter had other plans. The weekend of May 7 (Mothers Day weekend) I started having serious contractions and even had to go to the hospital and spend many hours that Saturday.  A follow up visit on Monday showed my doctor that I was having contractions and so she moved my c-section up to Thursday, May 13th, because since I am a section, there are risks involved if I go into labor.  I was pretty scared, cried, of course, prayed, obviously, and finally came to terms with the fact that we were having this baby early at 38 weeks.  Although, I absolutely think I was 39 weeks and that they were a week off with their calculations.  on Wednesday May 12, Libby, Matt and I headed to the park in our stroller for dinner at Watershed, the place where we ate right before Libby was born!  Libby wasn't in the mood for a sit down feast so we packed it up and had a picnic at the park.  It was sooo perfect and such a special, sweet evening.  I packed my bags that night and prepared for the following day.  As much as one can prepare I suppose!  I was a nervous wreck!  SOOO excited but nervous nonetheless.

We got to the hospital and she took her first sweet breath at 12:30 PM on Thursday, May 13, 2010.  AHH she was gorgeous and looked JUST like Libs!  We were amazed!  She immediately rooted and was ready to eat - once she was bathed and treated they put her in my arms and I was in love.  And that love amazingly continues to grow.  She is just such a part of me now.  She weighed 7 lbs 5.3 ozs and measured 19.5 inches.  Her fingers and toes are identical to mine and her lips and face are of course, just like her Dad's!  However, she looks a whole lot like my sisters, Jessica and Melissa.  

When Libby came to the hospital to meet her and see me, it was pretty emotional for me.  I don't think anyone can prepare you for the dynamic of seeing your first born baby looking at their sibling.  Libby is still such a baby herself, but in the past month I have seen her grow and change and become a big toddler, if not a little girl.  It is very bittersweet for this cheesy mama.  

I opted to leave the hospital before necessary because I could not stand being away from Libby anymore, so Saturday May 15 we packed up and headed home.  Thank goodness my mom was here to help with everything.  She cooked a few wonderful dinners that we froze and entertained Libby with makeup, nails painted, and her jewelry!  

My bonding with Meg was immediate and continues to grow and grow.  A love I never dreamed I could feel again has overwhelmed me and I am so thankful.  Having one healthy little monkey with Libby is more than I deserved, and now having two just makes my heart burst.  

The first few weeks were really tough, though, don't get me wrong.  Because I'm a csection, I was in pain and couldn't hold Libby, which was hard.  Holding Meg was easy but Lib definitely felt left out.  Matt is the MOST amazing dad though, so he stepped in and Libby never got sad.  I am so lucky to have him!  

Now, four weeks later, I am back to driving, holding BOTH of my girls and doing our favorite thing: walking to the park!  The first time I took them both I was so scared but we did it.  I always end up having to feed Meg while Libby plays, but it's as if Libby just knows it's what I have to do so she doesn't get upset if I'm not running around with her, she just goes with the flow and plays and waits for me to finish.  I love them both more than any of these words can describe.  Being the mother of two beautiful girls melts my heart and I can only pray that I can be the mother to them that they deserve.

Meg's demeanor is simply sweet.  She eats well, and she sleeps better than I thought possible.  She is used to all the noise and yelling and talking that a house with a toddler brings, so she sleeps through it all.  She has started smiling and cooing and holding up her head.....her one month appointment was yesterday and she is gaining weight and almost 22 inches long already.  Just about nine pounds and growing like a weed.  I could smell her and hold her all day and night, which I pretty much do.  

The second time around is so much easier, I have to admit. With Libby I was so worried and scared and nervous about every single thing, but this time I'm way more laid back and confident so I'm able to really enjoy the infant stage!  She's already outgrown a lot of her clothing and her NB diapers which I can't believe.

Every day I just thank God.  For my girls, my husband, and their health.  I pray to be the strong mother and wife that the three of them need and I am head over heels in love with our life.  As challenging as it is at times I would not change it for anything.   Our house is most definitely a home full of love and laughter.  Thank you Lord!

Margaret Virginia (Meg, Maggie, Margaret) - welcome to our family.  You have already changed me and made me a better person - just as your big sister, Libby did two years ago.  Amazing how something so tiny can put things in perspective and make you see, yet again, what matters in life.

We love you both! Our little monkeys!

AuthorMatthew Certain