Lucky number 13! Baby Margaret is THREE months old today – what??? How?? I cannot believe it. She was just born yesterday, sweet angel girl!

We are doing well, I started back to work, ooh joy. My babies are on my mind all day long. I am not meant to work anymore, my heart and mind are at home with them. However, til that day arrives, they are in an amazing daycare at FBC and we love the teachers. In fact, Libby runs to her classroom and shuts the door on her way in, “bye mama” – I feel like it’s the scene in Father of the Bride when she says, “I met a boy in Rome, and he’s wonderful, and brilliant, and we’re getting married” and Steve Martin is envisioning his six year old saying it when in reality it’s his 22 year old! I swear time simply flies. I told Matt the other day, it’s like she’s 15 and it really is. Before we know it!

Life with our two girls is sooo much fun! We have reached the 12 week point – something I really was nervous about because my friends who have had children this close in age always said to me, once you get to the three month mark, you are golden. And I do feel that is so true. Libby is now totally aware of Margaret and her presence more than ever, Margaret is becoming her own little person more and more every second. She sleeps beautifully, I feel so spoiled and don’t want to jinx it, but she is an awesome sleeper. Thank you, Jesus. For real.

Libby Update:

Loves to color. Yesterday she actually colored in the eyes of mickey mouse. I was amazed. Fave tv shows (when we’re home, which is not much) include (in this order): WORD WORLD, MARLEY & ME (she requests this movie by panting like a dog with her hands up like paws, begging), MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE, and LITTLE EINSTEINS. I’m sorta sad she’s not into Barney much anymore. Sure, she’ll watch him if he’s on and if he happens to show up in her room she hugs him, sings the song, but now, her favorite show is Word World, or “Worh Worh” as she says. Loves to push her stroller(s), loves to go for walks, still loves the park, we swing in the front yard, now, too, and she loves that. Her favorite foods are still cheese, pizza (topee top), yellow rice, pork tenderloin, pirate booty, and any sort of veggie casserole with lots of cheese. Hey, at least she’s getting the veggies, right??

The FUNNIEST new thing about her lately is her love of vitamins. Seriously! She loves them, they are the gummy ones. She gets really shy and walks to the kitchen and says “bi-ta-bin” and points to the cabinet where they are. And if she’s asking Matt for some, she asks and points, then runs out of the room and comes to hug me, and gets embarrassed or something. I love it! It’s so funny! She has two per day per the doc-doc and she makes them last. Seriously. The other night she had one on her plate, licked it, licked it, ate some rice, licked it again, and then took it to her bath an hour later, still in her hand! It’s really sweet and endearing.

Margaret Update:

Little Margaret is lifting her head up so well. She is on the floor a lot playing with us and she loves tummy time (Libby loved it too) and she will reach for some things. She loves the elephant that Libby also loved, Ellie. She is a big smiling baby – she is always happy and cuddly. In the mornings she just wants to be cuddled and we do plenty of that!! She loves her baths and LOVES the massage she gets after her bath, too! Especially when I massage her little cheeks and arms. Margaret loves going for walks, she just looks around and takes it all in. We talk about all the sounds and sights and talk about how wonderful she is. She smiles and coos and makes me melt inside. When Matt gets in her face talking she lights up opens her mouth really wide. She gives me kisses and sucks on my chin, and all is right with the world.

My two sunshines, my only sunshines!

AuthorMatthew Certain