this was july 3 at my dad's church.  the girls and i went to ptc and had a blast at the picnic!  as you can tell, libby loves cupcakes!  who doesn't?!?
 Libby, Margaret and I at the church on July 3

 A proud Pops pushing Margaret all over, showing her off to his golfing buddies and Sunday School class!

 July 4, 2010 in Decatur.  Daddy was OFF work for the night of fireworks. We had an awesome picnic of pork tenderloin and grilled veggies. Oh, and of course, CHEERIOS!  Margaret did what her two month old little self did best...SLEPT through the entire evening just about.  :)

 Daddy and a very happy but tired Libby
 Sweet M.
 Margaret LOVES her swing!

Just another day walking to the park

 Loving the pool, and can't wait to learn to swim next Summer!
Went to the childrens museum with the Keys and some other Griffinites. Here we are at the Varsity for lunch!

 Margaret in her bassinett wearing the onesie Helen & Jeff gave to Libby a few years ago!
 My girls at the park one morning
 Margaret loves her bathtime!
 Libby showing M how to play on her playmat
 Wow, this was a challenging day - Libby was wild at Target.  I am serious....she was running like mad!
And Margaret just looked at her, then at me, like, "What is going on?"

 At the Odegards late one night.  Libby & Max watching Calliou on the tv in their room.

 The Odegard and Certain babies.  We can't believe we have FOUR between us!!  Libby, Margaret, Luke and Max.
 Libby and Max playing with playdoh

this was taken just the other morning in our bed - m loves her miracle blanket but somehow got her arm out.  libby was cuddling with her.  enough to make this mama cry. i am so proud of my two girls and so thankful every single day for them both.  and this made matt and i laugh too b/c libby sleeps with her arms up just like margaret is here.  i am obsessed.  love you all.

AuthorMatthew Certain