On Twitter, a lot of people I follow include one tweet per day that is their "favorite part of today" - so I've decided to keep a journal of my favorite part of my days so my girls can read one day and know how the simplest little pleasures made their mom happy.

I won't always post on the blog, but if it's something I want to share, I will definitely do so.
Watching Libby stick her hands in the stingray pool at the aquarium and giggle when she saw Princess Presto, Wyatt, and Curious George.
Holding Margaret in the baby bjorn while we walked around the aquarium and she slept the whole time, but when she woke up, she noticed the big whales and smiled.

Saturday Night:
Rocking both of my daughters simultaneously in the rocking chair while they both listened to me hum "You are my Sunshine and Jesus Loves Me" and quickly fell asleep after a long day.

Chasing Libby in the front yard with Margaret while Matt watched in the grass and we were just a family. 

I think my Favorite Parts of the day will really make me slow down and take the time to realize that the memories are being made every single moment of every single day. 

AuthorMatthew Certain