Saturday we took the girls to the Aquarium.  It was their first time - and we have annual passes so we can now go whenever we want.  We encourage all of our SSI friends to come on up and go with us!  It was really fun - although, Libby would have been just as happy sitting at home talking about the aquarium, I just don't think she really "got" it, yet, and we do think it was overload for M's little mind.  Ha, but we did have a great time. I was so excited to go!  Super Why and Curious George were both there, so Libby LOVED having her pic taken with the characters.  She wasn't scared a bit which did surprise me a little bit!  She held their hands and shook Princess Presto's hand and said "Nice to meet you" - no joke!

Libby's new thing is to lay on the ground whenever she's done with something. For example, I was holding her hand and she just got tired so she stopped and laid down on the ground.  Didn't kick or cry, just stopped and laid down.  It is so funny. Once she did that a few times, we figured it was time to leave.  We stayed for about three hours she fell asleep in Matt's arms on the way to the car. 

Can't wait to go for our second visit.

Highlights - Libby loved the sting rays. She was not scared for one second and put her hands in the water with Matt, adorable!
Margaret falls asleep immediately upon getting in the Baby Bjorn.  It's instant.

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