Margaret is SIXTEEN WEEKS TODAY!  I can't believe it.  Four months ago I was nervously going into the hospital to have my c-section and meet my amazing little butterball second daughter! I loved her then, and I love her more and more every single day! She is awesome.

Saturday she started putting her toes in her mouth. She's laughing, so loudly, loves to see her Mom and Libby and Daddy looking at her, she's strong, too!  Sunday we put her in the stroller facing forward for the first time, and she LOVED it!  I could cry that she's already this big.  She's going to crawl soon and I am just loving watching her learn about the world.

I love you, my Margaret, and I hope you have a very happy four month birthday!  I think we'll chase Big Sister Libby around for an extra long time tonight in the front yard!! 


AuthorMatthew Certain