As many of you know, my baby brother Garrison (So not a baby, he's 25) enlisted in the US Army.  He started basic training at Fort Knox, KY in July and this past weekend was Parent's weekend.  I decided after talking to everyone that I wouldn't go to this weekend's events since I really want to be at his graduation which is in October. It's a 6+ hour drive and with two young babies I just didn't think I should do it twice, back to back. I was SO sad to miss it.   But, mom, dad, Melissa and Lisa went to this weekend in Kentucky and most importantly, his girlfriend Lindsey was able to fly from SSI and be there.  This is the only pic I have so far from Parent weekend, I'll get more soon hopefully!

He is doing such a great job and we are so proud of him. Yes, with three sisters and a mom and a girlfriend, we all worry and pray for him constantly!  He is doing really well and I wish I had his body fat of 0%!!  WE LOVE YOU BROTHER BEAR!!!  Cannot wait to hug his neck and just tell him how PROUD I am of him.  Libby, Margaret and I have been writing him a lot and he says that really does help him when he gets letters from everyone, and we enjoy doing it.  I think about him all the time and now when I see a United States flag I have a new respect for it. 

AuthorMatthew Certain