Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posting.....we are staying so busy!  Things are good, we are tired of the cold weather, though.  This weekend it reached 68 degrees so we were outside the entire time!  Loved it.  We had a picnic at the park yesterday, and saw so many friends that we haven't seen since the Summer!

The girls are doing much better after a few weeks on and off of ear infections, colds, bronchitis, etc....so needless to say I'm tired of the winter months.  I'm ready for warm weather and wellness for my babies!

Libby has turned into a little girl overnight.  Matt and I just look at her sometimes and say how much she is no longer a baby.  Her face has changed and she's getting so tall!!  She is a big girl, at times she acts like a tiny teenager almost.  She makes us laugh. The other day she just blurted out "It's no problem, I'll just eat this popscicle MOM" - and she proceeded to open the freezer and open her own popsicle!  What??! So funny.  She is awesome and hilarious.  I love hearing her talk.  She is a big reader, still, loves to just lay around with her book of choice and lounge while reading!  Also we paint daily.  She is quite the artist!

Favorite foods: cheese, cheese, lollipops, pirate booty, cheerios, bagels with cream cheese, pizza, apple juice, chocolate milk, pink doughnuts (My dad brings her one all the time when he's in the area!) and mac -n- cheese!  I sneak in her veggies thanks to Jerry Seinfeld's wife so she's good and healthy.  :)   Love my Libby soooo very much!!

Margaret is a huge baby girl!  Loves to play, very independent.  Such a fun loving baby.  She crawls ninety miles an hour all over this house.  She's into everything, ahhh!!  She's a screamer, too. Very loud!  She laughs all the time, these huge belly laughs.  She loves for us to hold her and chase big sister around!  Margaret loves to nurse, loves yo baby yogurt (vanilla is her fave) and loves bananas mashed with some pureed mango.  She also LOVES bathtime and splashes around for at least 30 minutes a night.  She is such a joy...she keeps me on my toes just like Libby does.  Her first word??? DADDY!  Ahh!  What is a mom to do?!? :)

Matt & I are really looking forward to Disney in March.  I can barely contain my excitement.  At night when the monkeys go to bed I'm online doing research and planning our trip!  Can't wait!!

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