what a FUN weekend we have had at the certain house!  it was so incredibly busy, i am just now sitting down in a silent house and relaxing or the first time since last wednesday morning.  life has just been nonstop and full of fun for us all!  so far, the girls have been UGA cheerleaders, princesses, and minnie mouse.  the original costumes that i bought were minnie mouse, but who knows what they will end up wearing for the actual trick or treating!

wednesday morning i went to libby's school and the other room mom and i helped carve pumpkins, and i also helped libby bake cupcakes for the classmates.  wednesday night was trunk or treat at the baptist church where libby and maggie mae went to school for a few months.  they dressed as cheerleaders for this one.  here are some pics:

HOOO wants a cupcake? ha.

libby dressed up in a dog costume at her school

her class pumpkin

blurry but this is her class :)

room mom and me with our darling daughters

riding the pony at the church

she is SO FUNNY

trunk or treating

saturday was the neighborhood parade, then we went to our neighbors house for pizza and projects for all six children, SO MUCH FUN!  here are some pics. i LOVE where we live so very very very much.  we have the best friends in this 'hood!!
 they dressed as minnie mouse for this activity....

already took the mouse ears off. oh boy.

pizza, it was SO cold outside so we quickly brought the picnic indoors

some of our closest friends here! so sweet!

little pea eating her pizza by mama

and sunday (today) we had trunk or treating at libby's school, then soccer, then i took the girls out for dinner and yogurt.  some pics....

mae mae napping in her fairy costume before the big church party and soccer

they are dressed in dress up clothes, sort of princess, sort of fairy, little bit of ballet...you get the idea :)

candy break!

face painting time!

at the soccer game today. libby is very protective of "her mae mae" as she calls her.

who knew that having two babies would be so much fun for me at halloween??  it is the best!  love all the crafts, the baking, the candy, the costumes, the parties, the pumpkins, the gorgeous colors of the leaves falling, the weather, the girls are having a great time.  little mae mae is totally amazed at the fact that she has been able to walk up and trunk or treat two different times and people just put candy in her little pumpkin bucket - she is like an old pro!  it's hilarious.  she can't even eat the candy yet (the hard stuff, anyway) but she will totally go up to all the cars and grab lollipops.  her favorites are the milky way bars, though, and i think she had eight tonight.  oops. libby is loving it, too - she loves the act of saying trick or treat, and then looking at all of her options.  today was cute, though  - she opted for a lot of pencils, play doh, and spider rings as opposed to the candy.  and she is SO polite.  always thanks the person at least once after she gets her candy - makes me so proud.  tonight when i was laying in bed reading to her and getting her to sleep, i honestly found it hard to believe she is so big.  this is her fourth halloween - what??  and maggie is enjoying her second one so much thus far. tomorrow we are going to a party at libby's bestie from school's house, sweet turner - for some willy's and trick or treating with some very nice friends!  can't wait!!

happy halloween to all!!

AuthorMatthew Certain