by far was this: the girls and i were in libby's bed getting ready to go to sleep and i turned off the light.  libby immediately starts her prayer:

"thank you God, for soccer, for my barbie dream house, for my daddy, for maggie mae, for mommy, for my new purple necklace, for our food, for our car, for my toes, for our legs and our ears, and for our books, amen" really made me smile and stop and pray over both of them - it is my utmost calling to teach them to love God above all else, and to show them Christ's love through my actions.

Ephesians 5:15 - Be very careful, then, how you live - not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity.

it is my prayer that my daughters will see matt and i and learn that God is the center of our marriage, and of our lives - without Him we are truly lost.

and, her prayer really reiterated that she LOVES SOCCER!!  What a fun afternoon we had watching her play in her first soccer game.  and um, don't think i've ever seen a prouder daddy in the world than matt.  as a big soccer stud himself (for real, i used to watch him play in high school!!) - he was so happy to be on the field with his libby.  she was a natural - honestly, she was good.  we've been playing in the front yard a lot, just kicking and dribbling around, and she really learned how to not pick it up with her hands, which was her first reaction.  she didn't do that once yesterday!  and also, the coach had them all in a circle around him before the game started, and he asked "is it ok to take the ball from the other team?" and libby screamed "YES!" and another little boy answered "look at those flowers over there" - it was hilarious.  there are six players on a team, and we are looking forward to the season!  GO KIDDIE KICKERS!!!

Mags and I had a great time watching - she toddles around, searching for food and snacks and sippy cups with straws, and chasing a ball around trying to get on the field with her big sis!!

happy fall, y'all!

OH and an important note - my baby brother is getting married this weekend!!  it's going to be SO MUCH FUN!  so happy for garrison and lindsey.  it means so much to have so many special family and friends making the drive up to atlanta to celebrate his special day.

AuthorMatthew Certain