some words that my little mags can say today ...

cheese - pronounced cheeth - said usually while holding my iPhone and smiling or running to the fridge



she calls libby "mine" - pronounced maaaa




yes pronounced yeth

and oh boy does she shake her head for Yes and No, she is really dramatic and adorable about it.

she is getting so big, and smart!  i love seeing her mind work.  she does everything libby does.  they both have stools that they carry around the house so they can reach everything.  it is so funny.  they brush their teeth together, on their stools, they come to the pantry and look for snacks together, on their stools, they watch tv shows together (well, maggie mae watches it for like 4 minutes) and she will stand like libby with her hands under her chin leaning on the table.

she is so happy and fun - and loves to laugh, she'll throw her head back and crack up!

they sit together at a little table with two little chairs for snacks and coloring, and it makes me so happy to see them interact like that.

she loves shoes and already has a strong opinion about what she wears and which shoes.  honestly, never seen anything like it.  so cute!

it's hard to believe she'll be 17 months next week.  what a big girl!

AuthorMatthew Certain