I am so proud of Matt - ran and finished the NYC marathon in amazing time.  All of his incredible training and work absolutely paid off, and to see him run was such a wonderful feeling.  SO proud!  We took the girls with us to the big apple - and we had such a great time!  Got there Saturday afternoon, Matt went to the expo to get his number, etc, and the girls and I had some lunch, walked around....then we went to dinner (pizza) and went to bed pretty early as Matt had an early start the next day.  The girls and I went to FAO Schwartz while Matt was running, then had lunch - then we knew by mile 24 where he would be, but I really had no clue if we would actually see him.  However, I was persistent in my efforts to see him while he ran - and it paid off!  By mile 24.5 we managed to get up by the race (tons of people watching, obviously) and when he ran by, I yelled his name and he came over to hug all three of us.  I was crying, it was SO sweet and so awesome that we were able to see him in the middle of the thousands of people in NY.  Yay!  After the race we hung around the hotel, walked around more, had dinner, dessert and went to bed early again - we were leaving early Monday morning for a flight back to ATL so we could pack for Disney!  Matt's third marathon was excellent and we are all so glad his three girls could go and watch him reach his goals!  Can't wait for number four.  :)  We are all so proud, and we love watching him run.  The weather was so nice, and the buzz in NY was really cool too.  We had a blast!!

AuthorMatthew Certain