Happy Thanksgiving all!  I can hardly believe we have already had Thanksgiving this year - it's officially time for CHRISTMAS!!  What a FUN time of year - now here's to remembering the reason for the Season.  I pray to NOT get wrapped up in the hustle bustle of the holidays and to relax, be calm, enjoy family and friends, and remember what it's all about.

For Thanksgiving Matt usually runs the half marathon in Atlanta, so we stay home which is so nice, although we do miss our family and friends on SSI.

Yesterday we woke up early and watched matt finish his run, then Libby got to run in the Gravy Gallop - and she even got a medal!  We had SO much fun watching her run and get another glimpse of how she & Matt will probably run together on day.  She was so cute in her tshirt and bib number!  Matt did his personal best, too - he ran 13 miles in 1 hour 39 minutes.  INSANE!

After the race we went to friends houses (the Poole's) for a delicious lunch with their family.  It was a beautiful day full of love and thanks!  I always get so nostalgic around Thanksgiving remembering my childhood, it was such a normal, fun, happy childhood with both of my parents and all of my siblings.  We always went to Grannys house in Baxley, then to my Mema's house.  Every Friday after Thanksgiving there was a lot of shopping, my mom would go with Mema and Aunt Laurie, and my sweet cousin Kristen and my siblings and I would stay home with Papa and my Dad.   I always did my Christmas cards on this day, and we just all enjoyed being together.  We also celebrated Papa and Kristen's birthday so we were just all together and having fun. I pray that Matt & I will continue to make memories for our own children that will last them a lifetime!! That is what life is all about - family.  We are thankful for ours, that is for sure, (though things are so different now, and we are all so spread out) and we love that we have created our own special family with our two daughters!  To God be the Glory!!

Here are some pics from our Thanksgiving 2011.  Love to all and we missed you guys!!

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