Today Margaret turned NINETEEN MONTHS OLD!!  She is SUCH a big girl now! I can hardly believe it.  To say we're obsessed is an understatement.  She's such a happy baby and so much fun - love love love everything about her.  She cracks us up on a daily basis.  Eats a lot, loves to brush her ten big teeth, loves to play with water, loves baby dolls, she is so precious with them, my little nurturing baby.  She'll rock baby dolls, feed them bottles, wash them in the sink (!) and cuddles with them, giving them kisses and hugs.  She makes a total fish face when she kisses them and when she kisses any of us. Blows the biggest kisses at everyone.  Waves hello and says bye bye to everyone we see - she's a little social butterfly!  She makes us SO happy and the Lord really blessed us with our second daughter.  She is so much like Libby was when Lib was this age - and its SOOOO MUCH FUN to see them interacting!

Libby is doing great as a big sister, she has truly settled into the role quite well after figuring it all out.  She loves to help me in the kitchen,  she'll stand and wash dishes, loves to help me cook, wears her apron and just loves to help.  She is always wanting to do big girl stuff.  She changes clothes at the very least four times every day.  She changes her jammies, too, if the mood strikes.  She is still very much into projects and arts and crafts.  We stay busy busy busy!  Yesterday we were going somewhere and she looked across the street at our elderly neighbors house, and she said she wanted to go over there and say Merry Christmas. So I quickly got a Christmas card together for them, and she and Mae Mae and i walked over there.  She was so excited to ring the doorbell and talk to them, we stayed about 40 minutes because she just kept talking to them and asking them questions.  Her little heart just wanted to bring them joy, and the elderly woman had tears in her eyes as we left, it was just so sweet.  I love Libby's compassionate spirit and I pray that we continue to encourage that gift that God so obviously gave her.  Makes me so proud.

It's hard to believe Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!  We are enjoying every minute and not feeling stressed (yet) about anything.  Our elf, Birch, continues to do funny things like taking ornaments off the tree, making messes, hiding in the chandelier, and bringing fun gifts for the girls while they sleep.  They are both enjoying this fun tradition!

The Certains are taking our show on the road again in February to Birmingham for Matt to run in his fifth marathon!  We are so proud of Matt and happy that he is able to run and keep his hobby and be able to blow off some steam given how stressful and tough his job can be.  He's striving to run 50 in 50 under 50.  So far we have Georgia, South Carolina, NYC.  In 2012 looks like we'll have Alabama and Illinois.  After he finishes these marathons he's threatening to start training for Mt Everest.  I am afraid I will have to put my foot down on that one, though!  There is only so much I can take!  Stresses me out thinking about him doing that!  Anyone else with me on that one??

Love to all - it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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