My precious baby girl is TEN months old today-and I would just like to know, HOW in the world could she really be this old.  She was just born yesterday.

I love love love her - she is the best.  So laid back, so happy and just so fun to be around. She waves bye bye, she can point to the fan if you ask her to, she points to the sky, she is wanting to walk, and she is just happy happy and sweet.  Being her mother is a blessing that words can't describe.   She is a cuddly little monkey angel bear and I am in love with her and of course, her big sister! :))

She finally has one tiny little tooth and she loves to show it off!  Her favorite things to do are walk outside, play in the grass, take baths, play with Libby's toys and be held by me.  She loves people and will smile and rest her head on my shoulder in a shy way when she first meets someone. Swinging is her most favorite thing to do at the park - she could swing all day!  We are staying busy and just loving on our baby girls. :)

The morning of her ten month birthday 

AuthorMatthew Certain