One of my very best friends has moved to Atlanta with her husband and daughter, Ella!  We had a party at our house to introduce them to some of our friends - we had such a great time.  The weather was gorgeous, the food delicious that Matt made, and just a beautiful Spring afternoon spending time together.  Matt made pork on the grill, we had pork tacos and veggie tacos along with some apps.  Libby and I made green and white cupcakes (for St Pattys day) and everything was just delish!
We are SO glad to have the English family back in the state of Georgia after being in Jacksonville for many years.  Loved having our friends over and next time the Keys will be here to make the party complete!  Love you, T-Dawg!!

Ella pushing Maggie in the pink car

The besties....Libby, Ella, Fulton, & Max
Waiting on their green cupcakes for dessert!
Waiting, and laughing....
Ahhh, yummy :)
They are so big!
Libby with JJ and Matthew (JJ's baby brother) 
Ella loves Maggie!
Madonna, Matthew, Mags and me
Tinsley holding precious Luke!
Uncle Steve (T's husband) - Maggie loves him.  Big crush!
Matthew (Danielle's son)

Big girl!
NO clue what they were doing but looks like fun :)
Love her
Libby is obsessed with Max, fine with me, he is the sweetest boy ever
Mags is such a big girl!
Eating dinner
Precious Fulton - this is Winston's daughter
Libby and JJ...when we met them, JJ was Libby's age. Now he is in kindergarten and lost his first tooth right before they came over.  He was so excited about the visit from the tooth fairy!
St Patricks Day cupcakes
Yummy food


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