We are really excited to have family in town.  Matt's first cousin, Drew has moved to Atlanta with his family!  We love having them here! Today they came over for a playdate - Libby and Eli hit it off well (after an hour of Libby not wanting to share but she eventually warmed up!) and they enjoyed a beautiful day outside playing.  Eli is so sweet and he and Libby are going to be great friends!  Mags was a sweet baby sister and just hung out while they two big kiddos played.  What a fun thing to have some family in town.  Matt and I are looking forward to spending lots of time with Drew and Delle, and Libby and Mags are so happy to have a big cousin to play with now!  They are living so close to us, too, not far at all - about five miles maybe.  Welcome to Atlanta!!  

AuthorMatthew Certain