Precious baby is almost ten months.  Crawling fast, ready to walk, stood solo for about ten seconds.  She's creeping around the furniture and busy, busy busy.  She's a wonderful and sweet little angel!  Don't remember life before she came along - how fun is that!  So thankful for our two daughters.  Lib and Mag are getting along pretty well for the most part - funny, though, the other night Mags had Libby's vitamin bottle (closed of course) and was shaking it all around.  Libby grabbed it from her and Mag sobbed and crawled over to her and snatched it right back. It was SO funny.  Love, love, love these two little bitty girls so much.

Getting ready to start the planning for M's birthday party.  A BBQ supper at the house on May 14.  Mark your calendars everyone!!

AuthorMatthew Certain