My family - all special, and all mine!

More pictures after the break.

The eleven month old birthday girl.  These were taken when we were home a few weeks ago

Happy baby loves the sand!

And loves to swing!

Daddy pushes her much faster and higher than Mommy does!

Eating at bubba's 

my libby loves the beach too.  hard to believe in just a few years we'll be living on the beach again!  sooo excited!

my man! :)

Yummy, Puffs!

Just a little eleven month old update on my Mae - she is so funny!  Loves to laugh.  She can blow kisses, and when we say we want a kiss she puts her head down a little and we kiss her forehead.  Adorable.  She can point to the sky, say MaMa, DaDa, Dog, and she is a big pointer!  She points at everything.  She is just a happy, joyful little baby girl and her personality is starting to truly shine.  She loves Libby more than anything else in the world.   Loves to be near her, and loves to be held.  I'm still nursing her but she has a great appetite for food.  She eats everything! Loves peas and carrots, pizza, cheese, crackers, avacado, bananas, applesauce, broccoli with cheese sauce, rice (any kind), and loves yogurt.  A little piggy baby!  She absolutely makes me so happy and I am so thankful for her.  She's not walking yet, I think we have awhile until we get to that day...which is fine with me!  I want her to stay my baby a little bit longer. :)  She stands up well though and she's a fast crawler.  Only has two little bottom teeth so far.  Sleeping well, still three naps a day.  She's a healthy little thing and we are oh so thankful for everything about her.  Happy Eleven Months Baby Girl.  And yes, we've been calling her Mae.  It just might stick.  If anyone is wondering what we're going to call her, we like Margaret (of course) and her nickname has become Mae.  I love that because Matt's grandmom's sister was Laura Mae, and I love the idea of carrying on that name because it's just adorable.  I even had her Easter basket monogrammed with Mae on it.  Love her SO much!!!  

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