DisneyOn March 21 we left atlanta around 5.30 AM for the long but exciting drive to Orlandoooooooo!!!  I truly didn't sleep the night before!  We were so ready to get there.  Matt drove the whole way and I sat in the back entertaining two baby girls.  It took about 7 hours to get there - not bad at all and it seemed to go by quickly.

We took about 2000 pictures.  I'll spare you all that many but here are some of our favorites from a week we'll never forget.

My most favorite memory of Libby - riding the teacups putting her hands UP in the air and her hair was flying in the wind.  It was about 8 PM and she was on cloud NINE riding those things with her Daddy!  It was a priceless moment of many amazing moments...but for some reason that will be embedded in my memory forever.

My most favorite memory of Mae Mae - was actually at the pool the first day we got there.  She LOVED the water splashing in her face and just sat there for over an hour crawling around the kiddie area soaking wet.  She is a water baby for sure and it was a joy to see her love it so much!  It was wonderful to just see her love something so much and laugh and giggle like a little person!

My most favorite memory of my husband - seeing him become a child with his two daughters.  He was SO awesome and we had the best time together as parents.  The goal of Disney is to have fun, to see new things, to share adventures with your family and friends.  Getting to do all of that with him and our two babies for the first time was something very special!  I loved watching him ride Dumbo with Libby, and I loved when he ran around the park early one morning getting Fast Passes to all the good rides for us.  He is the BEST dad ever and I love being married to him!  Cheesy, sorry. :)

Ok, on to what you all REALLY care about  - PICTURES!  Enjoy.....we surely did!

first day at the pool right when we got to hotel on monday



on the patio at hotel looking at the animals

directly outside of our hotel room

our backyard for the week!

at the hotel pool...there was a great children's area, it was like a park in itself

just LOVING the water so much, these are so sweet!

one of my most favorite pictures EVER!

libby taking a rest

pure excitement

her daily shirley temple provided her with many cherries!

me and my girls!

on our way the first day!

here we are!!!!

an excited mama!!

and here we go......

AuthorMatthew Certain