Ok, I know, there are a lot of pictures but I really want to share with everyone.  Forgive me in advance for my obnoxiousness!

Day Two: Tuesday....we went to Magic Kingdom til 2 PM, headed back to hotel, napped, played in pool, and then had dinner with Cinderella.  It was so much fun having dinner with her, and her stepsisters, stepmother and Prince Charming.  Good food, too - 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian.  After dinner, yep, we headed back to Magic Kingdom for more rides.  Lib LOVED the bumper cars on this evening.

Day Three: Wednesday....Hollywood Studios.  Libby loved this so much - so did we.  Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse clubhouse, all of her fave Disney channel shows were here.  Very fun.  Saw some shows, ate good food, played in the playground areas and RODE THE TOY STORY RIDE!  So fun.  Loved the fast pass for that one.  Went back to hotel and played at pool, napped, made dinner in the room, and then headed to Epcot.  Saw the gorgeous fireworks and laser light show.  The girls met all of the Mickey Mouse group, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey and Minnie all in one room. Perfect.

Day Four: Back to Magic Kingdom.  Rode the rides, saw the Princesses, finally felt like we had somewhat figured out the secrets of going and getting the most out of your visit.....there are a lot of things we didn't realize but definitely will do next time - fast passes, etc.....that night, dinner at the Rainforest Cafe at the Animal Kingdom!  Great food in a fun place with animals!

Day Five: Friday...total depression!  Did NOT want to leave.  We both agree that you need at least one more day...or two, or three more.  Haha! All in all, it was a perfect week and we loved it so much!

on the monerail 

the castle and libby!

riding the horses

she would put her hands up on every single ride, even slow ones. hilarious.

about to enter "it's a small world" for the first time.  priceless expression.


meeting Belle, she was gorgeous

watching a parade, we loved the parades 

time for a nap!

dinner with cinderella.  lady tremaine was hilarious.

stepsisters were so funny and in character the entire time




hollywood studios

more pool time

i love this child.

ice cream time

sharing with sissy

the parade in the afternoon.  

this is an absolute angel baby girl.  

a very happy mom and dad.  this is us leaving on friday morning.   matt and i really did have the absolute best time ever! seeing their precious faces lighting up with excitement, libby seeing her princesses and baby girl mae mae watching and just smiling at everything.....we are blessed parents indeed and disney really is a magical place.  who wants to go with us next year!?!?!?  

AuthorMatthew Certain