What a great Summer we are having!  The girls are just fun fun fun and keeping us very busy!  Libby actually went to camp today for the first time, at the same place where she'll start school in August.  She LOVED IT!  I totally cried when I left, because it's the first time she was truly excited to be staying somewhere all by herself.  It was so wonderful to see her happy.  When I worked, it was an excruciating pain on a daily basis because almost everyday felt like she was so upset that I was leaving her - I know she was fine seconds after I departed, but that hurt in my heart lingered for such a long time.  Now that she's almost three, and totally independent and confident, she's really happy wherever she is and today proved to me that she is in the right place for her school. In August she'll go three days per week, from 9-12 and that's where she'll do pre-k and kindergarten, then we'll be moving back to SSI, so she's not going to be in the Atlanta school system at all, so this worked out well.  The LONG wait list has been worth the wait it appears!  It was a fun dynamic today to have Mae Mae all to myself for a couple of hours while Lib was at camp.....that rarely happens and I have to say it was really nice to have some one on one time with the little pea.  We missed Libby, of course, and had a tea party in her room because Lib suggested to me, that if I were to get lonely and sad, we should have a tea party, and even said M could use her tea pot, so that was a big deal.  She is so funny!  I picked her up and she was in the car pool line just chatting with some girls, I tried to take tons of pics but I didn't want to embarrass her too much - I can already almost sense we are getting to that age where I could possibly make her cringe!  How funny!  She had a wonderful morning and after that, we came home, she snacked, took a rest (i.e. watched 45 minutes of tv in mom and dads bed) then we hit the pool, played for a while and came home and met the gang at the park.  They were both asleep by 7.50 PM which is a rarity, which would explain why I am finally writing on the blog!  I have missed writing on here but I promise to be more consistent with the updates.  It's tough finding time, I feel like things are so busy lately....now that Mae is walking and "talking" and into every single little bitty thing, and of course Libs keeps me on my toes, I feel like we never slow down!  At the grocery store or wherever we go, it seems like at least one person looks at me and says "wow, you have your hands full" - and yes, I do but I would not trade it for anything.  I love organized chaos - growing up in my house I am so unbelievably used to busy busy and hectic and just a house full of kids and friends, so I absolutely am loving this time of my life.  I DO get TIRED though!!  Matt and I have managed to find a few nights to have dates, which is great - he's doing well and starts his second fellowship year in a few weeks....how crazy is that!  All in all, it's shaping up to be a fun summer with lots of pool time, and park time with our friends.

Happy Summer to all - and to all of our SSI friends and fam - praying that those fires are out SOON.  I've seen a few pix and it looks so awful.  Sending our love to everyone!!

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