As you can see from the video we made, Miss Mae had a wonderful birthday!  we enjoyed it sooooooo much!!  wonderful friends, neighbors and a little bit of family made it up just for her party.  My sister, my nephew and Grand'om Marsha were all so sweet to come to Atlanta to celebrate with us.  We also had my dad and Lisa, but they are with us all the time and live about 45 minutes away.  It was SO wonderful to have family here!  I loved having Tinsley here too, with her sweet family Steve & was a perfect day!!
We thought it was going to rain but it held off and ended up being just cool enough to enjoy the entire party outside.  Willy's catered it and we had a yummy taco and salsa bar.  DELISH!!  Her cake was beautiful and her smash cake was absolutely adorable and very much smashed by the little princess.  Big sister enjoyed having her friends come over and play and it was a jam packed backyard with some wonderful and very special people.  Thanks to everyone who was able to be here.
Happy Birthday my sweet PRECIOUS ANGEL BEAR!!!  She is walking all over the place and I just cannot believe she is ONE already!  We love her so much!  Some fun notes about the big one year old....she loves to eat pizza, cheese, penne pasta with melted cheese, her mommy's spaghetti, nutri grain bars, pancakes, cantelope, applesauce, broccoli, pinto beans (both of my girls could eat mexican everyday, must have something to do with what I fed them in utero!!), cheese toast, and pretty much anything else with cheese on it.  She is a whopping 24 pounds - maybe more at this point, and I'm still nursing her.  I can't imagine stopping and I am just going to let her wean herself.  We shall see how long this lasts!
She laughs all the time, and when we ask her questions she nods her head "yes" as if she really knows what we're saying, haha!  Precious baby!  She's really fun - loves to splash in the water and just so laid back and easy going.  Kind of just goes with the flow.  I am honored to be her mother!!!  Can't believe she's ONE already.  I look forward to seeing how she changes and becomes her very own little lady everyday!

AuthorMatthew Certain