Libby is almost three years old - it's so crazy.  This hot summer weather just takes me back to three years ago...we had just bought this house, it didn't feel like home in the least.  We tried to make it feel like home but I was so nostalgic for our old apartment and I was just not loving it.  We knew no one in this area, I was very pregnant in a major drought in Atlanta, so I was hot and totally swollen.  I had no idea if I was having a boy or girl, I just knew I loved whatever "it" was so much I couldn't wait to find out!  Fast forward three years.....we have TWO daughters and this house is just exactly what I envisioned my house to be with my husband and children.  This neighborhood has given me friendships that I will treasure forever and ever, everything about where we are and who we are surrounded by is an answered prayer, and that is something I am so thankful for!  Now that my baby is almost three, I am so busy planning her party- of COURSE it's a Cinderella party, and I am just so amazed at how much life changes in three short  years.

Libby is really independent and happy - well adjusted and fun loving.  Such a sweet nature about her, except when Mae Mae takes something from her or tries to get in her way.  She rarely calls her Sissy anymore, it's always Mae Mae.  She has started taking her stool everywhere with her in the house so she can reach the light switches and turn all the lights off.  I don't know why, but I'm thinking her father asked her to do that after we got our last power bill, hahaha.  When she watches tv, which is rarely these days, she likes Disney movies, dinosaur train, Wallace & Gromit.  Gone are the Barney days and even bye bye to Dora and Diego days....which surprises me so much because she grew out of that fast.  She just likes princess things and will go to her room for hours and play with dolls, dressing them and undressing them, then she'll come out dressed head to toe like a princess - tiara and all.  She is a girly girl and Mae just adoringly watches every little thing her sister does - her sister can do no wrong in her eyes.  What fun to see them grow together and become best friends.

AuthorMatthew Certain