She's THREE!  We had a Princess party for her on Saturday....Cinderella surprised her all the way from Disney World!  She was really surprised - there were about 20 little ones running around our tiny house but it was such a wonderful day full of family, friends and tons of love!  I think the birthday girl had a wonderful time and I am so thankful to everyone who was here.  My mom, aunt, dad, stepmom, baby sister and my nephew and her special friend came, as well as my sis in law and my nephew, as well as one of my bff's and her daughter from ssi all made the journey to atlanta for the SPECIAL day!  It meant the world to me to have everyone here and Libby is a blessed child to have so many people love her so much!!!  We had chic fil a, some dips, drinks, pink lemonade and cupcakes with a cake to top it all off.  The house was packed!  Party was at 11, Cinderella surprised everyone at Noon and as you can see in the video, Libby was very excited to see her.  She painted their faces, made balloons, did tattoos and the children enjoyed a fun magic show at the end.  Awww, it made me cry so much the whole day just seeing how happy my baby girl was.  I loved it and all that mattered was her having a good time and I truly think she did.  Her barbie dream house we got her is perfect for holding all of the barbies she got, and her other toys included dolls, clothes, shoes, you name it.  The birthday was a big success and I am SO SAD it's over - and even sadder that my baby girls are growing so fast. How is it possible that I have a three year old and a one year old??  It's crazy!!! happy birthday to my first born daughter who completely changed my life for the better!!!!  love you!!

AuthorMatthew Certain