....and know that I am God.  Psalms 46:10.

This verse has been resonating with me lately.  It started on Friday.  Libby was at her camp and Mae and I were walking to the park. It was a beautiful Friday morning and she was just sweetly sitting in her stroller.  As we were walking along, she slowly turned around so she could see me and just smiled up at me. I smiled back and she turned back around and took a sip of water from her sippy cup.  It was like she was in her own little world, doing her own thing, but needed to be reminded that her mom was right here beside her helping her.  Once she realized I was still there, just pushing her along to the park, she turned around and continued just looking around, drinking her water.  It dawned on me that that is how we are with God.   He is always there with us, leading us and helping us, when we don't even really think  about it.  How comforting to know that He's always behind us!   I was simply pushing my baby girl to the park, making sure we were safe, making sure she had water to stay hydrated, snacks for when she got hungry, making sure we safely cross the streets, pushing her in the swing, and just taking care of her.  That is how closely our God wants us to feel with Him - as if he's always there with us.  Such a comforting thought.  In good times and bad times, there He is.  Pushing us along.

AuthorMatthew Certain