They are having so much fun lately - really playing together and laughing together.  Don't get me wrong, there are times when it's not so easy with them both because Libby has a very very extremely strong personality and Mae is just still pretty laid back and low key.  Matt said she walks around just wanting to be hugged and kissed and it's SO true!  Love them both - different personalities and all.
The other day at Target,  Mae was running around so fast and Lib was chasing her - I literally couldn't keep up with them.  I yelled to Libby, "STOP AND GET MAE MAE" and Lib cracked up and couldn't stop her, so she just pushed her down and Mae laughed harder than I've ever heard.  Guess that was one way to do it.

They are my pride and joy!

Libby starts swim lessons today at the YMCA, the same place where Matt learned to swim when he was younger. How cool is that!?? I'll post  pix!!

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