We are already at January 12, 2012 and so far, so good!  The girls are both doing well, we are loving the fact that we can go outside and play and it's not as cold as it was last year...this time last year we experienced Snowpocolypse so we are loving the mild temps so far even though I saw it may be getting cooler soon for a few days.

Libby still loves her school - she's there on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-12 and she loves her teachers and her classmates.  One of the little boys, Caleb, is her sweetheart (as the teachers told me Monday).  Apparently, they often sit together at snack and hold hands on the playground.  Adorbz.  Matt and I are friends with his parents so we are pleased with her choice, ha!!  She is already planning her FOURTH birthday party.  She wants to have a pool party at the emory pool and have yogurt and a Tangled theme.  Rapunzel is her new favorite princess these days, she moves on quickly!!  She's a very friendly and social butterfly, often talking to everyone and telling them all about what we're doing and her upcoming birthday plans, hilarious.  She only wants to wear dresses, and there are about 3 that she picks out daily so I have to wash them over and over to make sure one of them is clean for her. :)  Honestly she is just everything a little girl should be, and I am so proud of her - her sweet spirit is obvious and her sensitivity is something I am very inspired by.

Margaret is so awesome and hilarious!! She's as sweet as they come and loves to kiss and hug - but boy oh boy she has a temper!  She is much more assertive and WILD than Libby was at this age.  She is repeating all the words we say to her, and really trying to get that vocabulary down.  She loves to read and will often bring books to me and back up to sit in my lap so we can read together.  I love this age, they are just little sponges!  Libby always calls her MaeMae, and Matt and I call her that sometimes - we have definitely decided that once she has an opinion she'll just tell us what name she likes between Maggie, Margaret or Mae!  I love all three so it doesn't matter to me. :)  Love this precious girl so much!!

Here are just a few pics that I have taken the past few weeks.

heading to park for a picnic

panera for breakfast

tv in mom and dads bed



magician for a friends birthday party 

dressing as a magi for church to give gifts to the baby Jesus


naptime for a princess but she's still holding her hersheys chocolate bar

working hard at the library

game time 

uncle joe

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