big girl in the car

i think she looks like me in this pic?  little bit???

libby & lily playing at the beach club...rough life.

end of december on ssi, cannot beat the beautiful weather!!

my girls sliding at the beach club in december, i love sunny days!

abi, jack and mags

one of my vbffs and her baby boy, soooo sweet.

turner & mags - cousins!

the girls and i with their great grandparents lyle and betty certain.  such a fun night!

the girls LOVED the stairs!  they have so much fun at nonna and granddads house!

gonna helping the girls with opening their incredibly thoughtful FUN gifts!

the girls getting spoiled by their sweet grandfather!!

opening presents....

another of my vbffs and i at dinner with the girls

shan with my babies, love this!  

jenn, me and cristi at the playground at the pier.  so fun.

great grandmother and libby playing with sadie

grand'om and libby & mae mae :)
can you tell they love her?? :)

playing the piano at grand'oms house!  they love it at her much fun!

opening a gift at mimi's house!

jackson!  Love my nephew!

aunt lissa and mags!

heading down south

stopped in metter for lunch with another vbff :)

tired angel bear

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