Tonight in the bath, Libby grabbed something from Mags and Mags didn't like it one bit.  She stopped what she was doing, got in Libby's face and screamed "MINE" as loud as she could.  OH, man, it was hilarious. Even Libby looked at me and laughed!  That is another thing - the two's have absolutely started. Little MaeMae is a hoarder like Libby was - everything is Mine, or Me these days - even in her sleep she screams "mine" - very reminiscent of Libby when she was two.  Guess we'd better prepare ourselves! Love it!

Here are some pics of the past few days!

AHHHH!!!!!  She is writing her name!!

Little Margaret Virginia, oh, how sweet!!!

Beauty and the beast! Libby LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!  As of now, we are having a Belle cupcake pool party in July.  :)  Love this amazing child!

Even the Maezzer sat through the movie with her 3D glasses on!  Ha!  I had  a ball.  

this was soooo funny. Libby was talking to Siri on her phone!  

Playing with Campbell!!  


an old dresser I distressed

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