Here we are entering another year - don't know about y'all but I truly can't believe it.  2011 was a wonderful year - we enjoyed several family trips, spent a lot of time at home being together, and just loving watching our two girls grow and change before our eyes!  They are just the sweetest things and Matt and I are simply in love with them both.

Tonight is an important (weird sort of) night for me - I suppose January 2 will always be significant in my mind as it was this night SIXTEEN years ago that I fell into a coma with bacterial meningitis.  Because I was so incredibly sick and not "supposed" to live, I will forever think of it as my rebirth, if that makes sense.  It is also a memory that Matt has, as he was with me at a party the night before and he was one of the many people that had to take a pill to make sure he wouldn't get meningitis as well, only Matt was allergic to it!  SOOO as I lay in a coma in the CCU my future husband lay upstairs in the hospital on a different floor.  Who knew!  I say all of this because on January 2, I like to really reflect on my life and thank God yet again for the gift of life.  It is oh so fragile and every day is a gift.

I am SO thankful for my husband, for my two children and so blessed to be able to stay at home with them.  This is something I will never take for granted - being at home with them is better than I could have ever imagined.  Even when there are days that I stay in my pjs until 4 PM, and I realize I didn't shower or brush my teeth all day, I am so happy being with them.  Matt is so supportive and realized my heart was at home, and I owe this to him to allow me these years with my baby girls!  So so so so so so so grateful.

I do want to learn to be a better cook though.  That is one thing I need to work on as a stay at home Mom!!!  New Years Resolution for sure. :)

Here's to the new year, y'all!

AuthorMatthew Certain