we had a great weekend with matt being off all day saturday!  he and libby had a date Saturday morning - i mean, really, does it get any cuter than that?  especially since she requests those dates with us both.  melts. my. heart.

so mae and i enjoyed a fun saturday morning just us - dunkin' donuts and target, baby. :)

here are just a few pics from the weekend.

cruising around the neighborhood

library time-my mae loves to play with the computers.  she is so awesome.  

mae is SOOO BIG!  getting so tall.  she looks so much like libby.  

making friends at the park :)  she loves to play!!!

emptying out just one of the baby cribs at our house full of baby dolls.  she loves to give bottles to the babies, or rock them to sleep. such a little mama bear!

mae loves her big girl bike!!  she just wears her helmet and sits back and relaxes :)
she loves to ride her bike that my dad and bebe got her - and the scooter that santa brought her also!  she rotates what she rides on daily

after dinner heading to yogli mogli

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