And it's wonderful!  what a glorious week it has been, very rainy on monday but the leaves are falling and the temps are a little cooler, gone is the humidity of the summer (which i'm still sad is over) and the pumpkins have arrived!  we have spent so much time at church in the pumpkin patch....the night they arrived we stayed until 9 PM helping to unload the semi truck that brought them.  it was so much fun, definitely something i'll never forget for the simple reason that my children were so excited.  i mean, like, they were jumping up and down and screaming and sitting on pumpkins and rearranging them and throwing them and hanging lights on the fence and playing with gourds and eating pizza and drinking lemonade and playing with their friends....THAT kind of excitement was amazing to watch and store away in this mama's memory. i knew it would be fun but i had NO idea they'd love it that much. such an incredible feeling to watch the joy in their faces and happiness in their hearts.  pure excitement and glee.  i love them and love that the fellowship they're receiving at our church is all that i could have ever prayed for.

AuthorAmy Certain