Was september 24!  we had a great day celebrating the best DADDY and HUBBY in the world!!  seriously, he is.  a marathon runner who trains at night after his girls are asleep, or in the AM before work, a father who loves his daughters more than life itself, who comes home during lunch for a hug, who creeps in the bushes in the school playground to catch a glimpse of them playing, a husband who is my best friend and who always has my back.  a man who cares for patients and gives out his cell phone number to many who may need him after hours, a man who takes tests and passes his boards and still finds time to be at home and not bring his work to our house, because when he's here, he's really here.  there are times when i catch him on twitter or something but that's ok, we're human :)

i'm so proud of who he is, and i'm so thankful my children have him as their dad.  and i have a husband whom i love more than anything!  

so for the weekend we headed to SSI for some fun at the beach!  matt played golf with jeff, girls and i played at the beach and pool all day, then we went to visit many grandparents and even great grandparents! it was wonderful to see everyone and i loved it SO much. family....it's so important to us both, so it was very nice to see everyone!  that night we went to the american cancer society gala which i am proud to say my sister in law helen pretty much planned from start to finish!  it was AMAZING!!  absolutely gorgeous and incredible to be there.  they raised a lot of money - even exceeded their goals!  it was a fun night! my best friend ashley was able to keep lib & mags for a few hours so matt & i could have a date - matt's dad & vicki were there at gala and grand'om was cheering on the dawgs in athens, so ashley was incredible to keep the girls.  and they had a blast with the lezotte children.   love everyone there so much!  it was great to be home celebrating matt's birthday!  we love him so!

AuthorAmy Certain