This past weekend we traveled to Birmingham, Alabama for Matt to run in his fourth marathon.  SOOO PROUD!

We got there Saturday, and Grand'Om Marsha met us there.  It was SO special having her there, and from now on I am requesting that she comes to all future marathons. :)   We had a great time.

Only downer: It was SOO COLD.  Like, not fun cold.  Don't know how those runners did it.

Saturday night we went to my wonderful friends house - Kate. Kate is one of the MOST special people in the world to me.  Our friendship began in 1996 and although we don't see each other very often, she is so unbelievably special to me!  We went to her house for dinner - her husband and her three boys fed us awesome pasta, salad and dessert.  We had a great night and it was so great to see her!  I miss her so much, and it really makes me thank God for friendships like that - those that are based on God's love.  She is truly my sister in Christ and I loved seeing her family!  I'm holding out for one of my girls to marry one of her boys!

Sunday Matt woke up early and hit the trails - girls and I had breakfast and met Marsha down in the lobby then proceeded to run around the streets in the cold looking for Matt. Ha, not really - but it was so cold it felt like that!  We decided he'd be very pleased to see us at the finish line so we did that, and when he saw us he grabbed Libby (Margaret was asleep on my chest at this point) and finished the race with Libby!  SO awesome.  He did great and ran a great race.  I'm so proud of him.

Now, Margaret has that yucky cough and I had a fever all night - praying we don't all get sicker and can get past this winter bug she and I seem to have, and crossing our fingers that Libby, Matt and Marsha stay well!

Here's to a great run by Matt - we love you and are so proud of you.

AuthorMatthew Certain